Make your own edible bubble snacks with Lick-a-Bubble.
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Lick-a-Bubble makes floating bubbles you can actually eat! Use your favorite delicious drink to blow yummy bubbles that are designed to be devoured.

Each bottle is partially filled with a non-toxic bubble solution. Add your favorite beverage to the mix, gently shake, and use the enclosed bubble wand to start creating your own floating flavored treats.

What makes this product truly awesome is that you choose the flavor of the bubbles by adding your drink of choice. Try soda bubbles for your child’s birthday, lemonade bubbles for a summer day, and orange juice bubbles for a whimsical weekend breakfast. Pick up the Bubble Blower to make even more bubbles for a floating feast.

The bubbles are completely safe (and delicious) to eat, so snack away!

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