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Hello Everyone,
Today we will learn ‘how to make tiramisu’ at home easily. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert recipe which is a no bake dessert recipe as it doesn’t require any baking. It’s procedure involves mixing mascarpone cheese, fresh whipped cream and sugar. Then vanilla essence or powder is added. Then prepare a mixture of 2 tsp rum and 2 tsp coffee with 100ml water. Dip french Finger Biscuits in this mixture. Now make a layer of these dipped biscuits and cover it with macrapone cheese and fresh whippen cream mixture we prepared earlier. Now sprinkle it with cocoa powder. Freeze it for 4-5 hours.
Mascarpone Cheese: 250 gm
Fresh Whipped Cream: 400 gm
Vanilla Powder/Essence: 1 pinch
Cocoa Powder
Sugar: 150 gm
Coffee: 2 tsp
Rum: 2 tsp
French Finger Biscuit: 30
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